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Stop spyware and adware from infecting your computer with the Lavasoft Ad-aware product. It can also scan and remove exisiting spyware, adware, and other malware from your machine.

#1: Where to Download to Remove Spyware
Download the Ad-Aware tool to help spot and remove spyware from your PC.

#2: Change Where Log Files Are Stored
Move log files created by the Ad-Aware spyware remover to another folder on your system.

#3: Reset Settings to the Default
Revert Ad-Aware's settings to their default state.

#4: View Raw Hex Information in Malware or Suspected Malware Files
Examine potential spyware and other malware by viewing its raw hex data.

#5: Speed Up Scanning By Scanning Less
Keep Ad-Aware from scanning inside archives or other items you deem free of spyware.

#6: Consider Definition Files as Outdated Earlier
Tweak Ad-Aware so it reminds you to download malware definitions more often.

#7: Upgrading May Not Remove Older Start Menu Items
Clean up your Windows Start Menu after upgrading Ad-Aware.

#8: View Log Files
Access Ad-Aware log files to help determine your computer's potential vulnerabilities.

#9: Stop Asking to Confirm Everything
Delete possible spyware threats in Ad-Aware quicker, without asking for confirmation.

#10: Use Less CPU Time When Scanning
Can't multitask while Ad-Aware is running? This tip may slow the spyware scanning to a more reasonable level.

#11: Downloading and Using a New Skin
Skin Ad-Aware to match the colors of your favorite game, musical group, or movie.

#12: Change the Scan Results Sound
Make the Ad-Aware scan results sound a little less jarring.

#13: Create HTML Vulnerability Report
Create a vulnerability report with Ad-Aware that you can give to computer technicians.

#14: Stop Placing Items in the Quarantine
Skip the quarantine when spotting spyware with Ad-Aware.

#15: Always Check for Updates
Information on why you should continually update Ad-Aware, and how to do so.

#16: Removing Spyware May Cause Software to Crash
Be careful before removing registry changes and modules with Ad-Aware.

#17: Do Not Run Windows Messenger
Prevent Windows Messenger from potentially displaying popup windows on your computer.

#18: Run at Windows Startup
Start Ad-Aware every time your system boots.

#19: Prevent Messenger from Starting when Running Outlook Express on Windows XP
Prevent Outlook Express on Windows XP from automatically starting the Windows Messenger application.

#20: Disable the Scan Results Sound
Remove Ad-Aware's annoying sound it plays when spyware is found.

#21: Change Default Internet Explorer Home and Search Pages
Fix Internet Explorer home and search pages after cleaning up malware infestations.

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