Adobe Reader 7 Help and Tips

View PDFs and fill out online forms with the Adobe Reader 7.0 tool. Also learn to customize and tweak Adobe Reader. Some tips may work with later versions.

#1: Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcuts to common Adobe Reader 7 functions.

#2: Hide the Yahoo! Toolbar
Remove Yahoo! Search capabilities from Adobe Reader 7.0's toolbar.

#3: Manually Check for Updates
Download security and performance updates to Adobe Reader 7.

#4: Toggle Displaying PDFs in the Browser Window
Display PDF files either in your browser or Adobe Reader 7 window.

#5: Reset Toolbars Showing and their Positions
Reset toolbar modifications to the default that came with Adobe Reader 7.

#6: View or Send System Information When Troubleshooting
Send detailed system information to a troubleshooter if you cannot reliably use Adobe Reader 7.

#7: Get PDF Document Details
View PDF security settings, used fonts, and more.

#8: Highlight Form Fields and Change Highlight Color
Make it easier to edit forms in PDF documents within Adobe Reader 7.

#9: Go Metric
Use metric measurements when viewing PDF documents.

#10: Describe What All Toolbar Buttons Do
Make Adobe Reader 7 easier to use by labeling the toolbar buttons' functions.

#11: Rotate PDF Documents
Don't turn your head to view rotated PDF documents in Adobe Reader 7 - fix this onscreen.

#12: Toggle the Menu Bar
Disable Adobe Reader 7's menu bar to show more of a PDF document onscreen.

#13: Define a Word
Quickly define a word found in a PDF document from within Adobe Reader 7.

#14: Remember More Documents
Configure Adobe Reader 7.0 to remember more of your most recently accessed documents.

#15: Change Background Color in Full Screen Mode
Display PDF documents in full screen with a background color of your choice in Adobe Reader 7.0.

#16: View PDFs by Downloading the Latest Version
How to download the latest copy of the Adobe Reader to view PDF files.

#17: Disable JavaScript
Prevent possible security vulnerabilities by disabling Adobe Reader 7 JavaScript.

#18: Prevent ESC Key From Quitting Full-Screen (Kiosk) Mode
Prevent an accidental press of the ESC key from closing your full-screen PDF viewing in Adobe Reader 7.

#19: Change the Color of Red Squiggles when Proofreading
If the squiggles underneath misspelled text filled out in PDF forms are hard to see, change the color.

#20: Use CoolType to Make PDFs Easier to Read
Smooth the display of text in your PDF documents when viewed in Adobe Reader 7.

#21: Read PDFs in Full Screen - Kiosk Mode
Display PDF files in Adobe Reader 7.0 in kiosk mode, using your full screen.

#22: Freeware to Speed Up Adobe Reader 7
Freeware that claims to speed up Adobe Reader 7 by preventing infrequently-used plug-ins from loading.

#23: Change the Document's Colors
Make your PDF documents easier to read in Adobe Reader 7 by changing the colors.

#24: Add Animated Transition Effects in Full-Screen Mode
Add blinds, dissolves, and glittering effects when switching between pages of a PDF document in full-screen mode with Adobe Reader 7.

#25: Use High-Contrast Colors
Make PDF documents easier to read in some cases with Adobe Reader 7.

#26: Convert PDF to a Text File
Create text files from PDFs for research or distribution.

#27: View Document Security Properties
Determine whether or not you can print, comment on, or extract information from a PDF document with Adobe Reader 7.

#28: Export a PDF file to a text file
Quickly create plain-text files from your PDF documents.

#29: Speed Up Print Previews
Running Adobe Reader 7 on a slow or low-RAM computer? This may speed up the appearance of the 'print' dialog box.

#30: Repair Problems Viewing PDFs in Adobe Reader 7
Adobe Reader 7 crashing or not viewing PDF files? Repair the software with this tip.

#31: Disable Add-Ons When Downloading
Don't download the Yahoo! Toolbar or other add-ons when downloading Adobe Reader 7.

#32: Graphics-Intensive Pages Slow Older Computers
Is Adobe Reader 7 slowing down when viewing PDF files containing large graphics? This tweak may speed things up.

#33: Save a Copy of a Downloaded PDF
Create backup copies of PDF files downloaded from the Internet with Adobe Reader 7.

#34: Change Default Multimedia Player
Play multimedia files embedded in PDF documents with a different player.

#35: Always Show or Hide Mouse Cursor in Full-Screen Mode
Viewing PDFs in kiosk mode? Force the mouse pointer to always remain visible or invisible.

#36: Automatically Scroll Through a Document
Scroll through a PDF file without using the keyboard or mouse.

#37: Remove All Toolbar Text Labels
Expert users - remove descriptions from the Adobe Reader 7 toolbar.

#38: Auto-Advance PDF Documents Displayed in Full Screen
Scan through PDF documents in kiosk mode without having to manually switch pages.

#39: E-Mail a PDF Document
E-mail the PDF file you're currently viewing in Adobe Reader 7.

#40: Quickly Jump to a Specific Page
Quickly skip to a specific page of a PDF document in Adobe Reader 7.

#41: Show Navigation Bar in Full Screen Mode For New Users
Help users new to Adobe Reader 7.0 to more easily navigate PDF documents in kiosk mode.

#42: Do Not Check Spelling When Filling Out Forms
Prevent Adobe Reader 7.0 from marking proper names as misspellings when filling out PDF forms.

#43: Read This Document - Literally!
Adobe Reader 7 can convert a PDF document's text to voice and read to you the document.

#44: Disable Text and Image Smoothing
Speed up Adobe Reader 7 on slower computers by disabling text and image smoothing.

#45: Don't Change URLs to Hyperlinks
Keep Adobe Reader 7 from hyperlinking all URLs in a PDF document.

#46: Search the Web
Browse the web from within Adobe Reader 7.0 with Yahoo!

#47: Create Adobe PDFs with Online Tool
Develop PDF files without having to download or purchase Adobe Acrobat.

#48: Change Page Thumbnail Sizes
View larger thumbnail images of a PDF document.

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