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AkelPad Text Editor with Plugin Support including Text-To-Speech

SUMMARY: AkelPad is a small open-source text editor for Windows that allows you to view four different parts of the same file simultaneously.

AkelPad is an open-source text editor for Windows that supports different newline formats (DOS/Windows, Mac, Unix), text case altering, and multi-level undo. The software can warn you if the currently-viewed file has been changed, allowing you to reload it. Through a "View" - 'Split Window" option you can jump through four different parts of a text file simultaneously, useful for programmers who frequently need to look at different portions of the same source code.

Configuration options include altering the text file font and application color scheme. Hyperlinks can be made clickable and you can choose which types of hyperlinks are supported (http, mailto, etc). The program by default remembers up to 1,000 edits for multi-level undo; this number can be modified if needed due to usage requirements. The software remembers the last 10 files opened; this number can be increased, or eliminated for privacy. Configuration options can be stored in the Windows Registry or in an .INI file for portability.

AkelPad with three files open, viewing four different parts of one text file simultaneously - the toolbar and text-to-speech plug-ins are enabled

Through plug-ins you can add features such as minimizing the program to the System Tray area of the Windows Taskbar, showing line numbers and supporting bookmarks, and basic auto-completion features. Other plug-ins add a spell checker, text-to-speech, and a customizable toolbar. These can be turned on via the "Options" - "Plug-ins" menu.

AkelPad is available as an executable or ZIP file.

* AkelPad: http://akelpad.sourceforge.net/

This tip was updated regarding AkelPad v4.6.4 on a Windows 7 machine. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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