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Zip and Unzip Software

ALZip for Windows

SUMMARY: ALZip compresses and extracts a variety of archive types with an Egghead character and interface.

ALZip is a zip/unzip software package for Windows that supports a variety of file types including .b64, .cab, .hqx, .rar, and .zip (note that some formats are uncompression only).

Program features include creating self-extracting archives, password protection and a tool to help recover lost passwords, archive testing and repair, and archive and file commenting (note that some features are only supported in certain archive types). Archives can be e-mailed if desired. The software also supports command-line adding and extraction of archives.

Opening a .ZIP archive with ALZip

A 60-day trial can be downloaded at the following address:

* ALZip: http://www.altools.com/ALTools/ALZip.aspx

This tip was written regarding ALZip v7.52 running on a Windows XP machine. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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