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Monitor the Clipboard and Create Permanent Clipboard Entries with ArsClip

SUMMARY: ArsClip can monitor your Windows clipboard and lets you paste recently-copied items, plus you can define permanent items accessible via hotkeys.

ArsClip is a freeware clipboard enhancer for Windows XP and up. Arsclip remembers previous text and non-text items placed in the clipboard, accessible from most everywhere by pressing a Ctrl + Shift + Z hotkey.

When run, the software places an icon on the System Tray - right-click to select options or press the customizable hotkey. History items can be edited or removed. You can also create permanent history items accessible via other customizable hotkeys, allowing you to create hotkeys for, as examples, your name, web or blog address, Facebook page, and Twitter account.

Bonus Tip: To create a permanent item:

1. Right-click the system tray icon and choose "Permanent Items".

2. The "ArsClip - Permanent Clips/Menus and Groups" dialog box appear. Click on the "Default" group and then the "New Item" button.

3. The "Edit Permanent Clip" dialog appears. Type in a caption that will be displayed in the ArsClip menu for the item.

4. Underneath "Clip to Paste", enter your desired clip.

5. Click the "More" button to show other options where you can set a global hotkey .

6. Click "OK" to save your changes.

Adding a permanent shortcut to paste the URL to MalekTips by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Alt + M

When using the ArsClip popup menu, you can also right-click a saved item and choose "Make Permanent Item".

A variety of configuration options are available by right-clicking the Taskbar icon and choosing "Configure". You can change the hotkey, remove whitespace and linefeeds from URLs for proper copying, ignore multimedia clips that are too large, play a "New Clipboard Clip" sound, and change the pasting method on a per-application basis if some programs do not work well with ArsClip by default. And this just scratches the surface.

Configuring ArsClip

Power users may want to experiment with more features available via Permanent Clips, including creating menu options that paste the current date or time, search Google based on the current clipboard entry, or even run an application.

Although ArsClip has a setup program, it comes as an executable that can be copied anywhere on a system or placed on a portable device. To download the software, visit the following link:

* ArsClip

This tip was written regarding ArsClip 4.0.2. Screenshots, features, and information may vary between versions.

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