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Display Cities for a USA / Canada Area Code

SUMMARY: Display which cities match a particular area code, or search a city and find its area code or codes.

Did you receive a phone call, check caller ID, and question where the call was from? Or did you travel to a particular city, ask someone for a phone number, and they didn't mention the area code? You can perform USA / Canada area code-related searches via Microsoft's Bing search engine by doing the following:

Area Code Search:

In some cases, just typing the area code returns the matching cities. In some cases, such as area code 404, add the words area code to get the results.

Example queries:

area code 404 - Georgia: Atlanta, College Park, Decatur, East Point, Forest Park

503 - Area code for Oregon: Astoria, Dallas, Gresham, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Neskowin, Oregon City, Portland, Salem and whole of Clatsop and Tillamook Counties, Tigard, Tualatin

area code 702 - Nevada: Boulder City, Cal-Nev-Ari, Henderson, Indian Springs, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite, Moapa, North Las Vegas

area code 778 - British Columbia: Black Point, Boston Bar, Britannia Beach, Chilliwack, D'Arcy, Gibsons, Hemlock Valley, Hope, Pemberton, Pender Harbour, Port Mellon, Powell River, Rosedale, Sardis, Sechelt, Squamish, Vananda, Vancouver, Westview, Whistler, Yale, Yarrow

Area Codes for a City Search:

Type in area code followed by a city and state.

Bing's help mentions postal codes are also supported, but a few tests with Canadian postal codes in Ontario failed to bring up an Instant Answer. It also mentions zip codes are supported, but attempts with several well-known US zip codes such as area code 90210 failed. Also, some other queries with US city names failed such as area code boise, ID. These queries were performed July 6, 2009, and Bing may be updated later to fix these problems.

Example queries:

area code beverly hills, ca - 310, 424
area code redmond - 425
area code sweetwater, tn - 423

Bing instructions, functionality, and screenshots are subject to change.

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