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Bing Search Engine - Disable or Enable Search Suggestions

SUMMARY: Toggle having Bing display search suggestions as you enter queries.

Microsoft's Bing search engine by default displays search suggestions as you type a search query. This convenience feature is provided for several reasons including spelling difficult words, saving typing, and finding related queries.

While many people find these suggestions useful, there are those who would rather not have their searches broadcast over the Internet before finishing them. Some not accessing the Internet via broadband may find loading the suggestions slow. And others just may not like this feature. Thus here is how to disable them, plus instructions to re-enable suggestions later if you change your mind:

Displaying search suggestions in Bing for "ghost"

* If a search suggestion appears, click the "Turn off" link below the suggestions.

Or do the following (or if you want to turn them back on later):

1. From Bing's home page click the "Extras" link at the top-right of the page.

2. Select "Preferences".

3. The "Preferences" page should appear. Scroll down underneath "Web settings" and next to "Search suggestions". Check or uncheck "Turn suggestions on" as desired.

4. Scroll up or down on the page and click the "Save settings" button.

After changing this preference, a cookie is set on your system so that if you access Bing's main page your changes should still be in effect. Note that if your web browser, firewall, or other security software is set to delete cookies, this preference will not be remembered.

Bing instructions, functionality, and screenshots are subject to change.


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