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Use Bing to Calculate, Perform Trigonometry, or Solve Your Algebra Homework

SUMMARY: Perform basic math, trigonometric functions, equation solving, and more with the Bing search engine.

Need to perform some simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division?

Just enter the calculation into Microsoft's Bing search engine such as 23*46 or 225/15 and you'll see the results (1,058 and 15, respectively). However, there's much more you can do, including solving simple algebra equations.

Trigonometry: Need to perform trigonometric functions such as sine, cosine, and tangent, as well as hyperbolic functions? The following operators are supported:

Hyperbolic tangents? No problem with Bing

sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, csc, arc sin, arc cos, arc tan, arc cot, arc sec, arc csc, hyperbolic sin, hyperbolic cos, hyperbolic tan, hyperbolic cot, hyperbolic sec, hyperbolic csc, sinh, cosh, tanh

Example searches:

cos 90 degrees = 0
sin 45 degrees = 0.707107
hyperbolic tan 90 = 1

Answers to questions:

Example searches:

speed of light
speed of sound


Change the operation order using parenthesis.

Example searches:


Other functions and operators:

* Use the ^ symbol for exponentiation.

* Use % of to get a percentage of a number.

* Use sqrt to get the square root of a number.

* Use ln for log base e, or log for log base 10.

* Use ! to get the factorial of a number. You can use this in an equation, but just entering a number and an exclamation point may not work.

Example searches:

2^16 = 65,536
20% of 200 = 40
sqrt 10000 = 100
log 1000000 = 6
4 + 5! = 124
0 + 5! = 120


Constants pi, e, and g are supported in equations - you cannot type them separately to get the resulting constant. However, as with the factorial function, you can enter a query like so: pi + 0

Example searches:

pi+0 = 3.141593
ln e = 1
g+0 = 6.67300 * 10^-11 m^3 kg^-1 s^-2 0

Equation with one unknown constant

Bing can perform basic equation solving with one unknown constant. Constants can be any letter except e and g as these are already defined.

Let Bing do some of your Algebra homework...

Example searches:

a^2 + 2a + 1 = 225: a=-16, a=14
x^2 = 225: x=-15, x=15
log z = 2.653213: z=450.000504

You may find a few errors with this tool. For example, the equation d! + 0 = 3628800 failed to provide the result of 10.

Bing instructions, functionality, and screenshots are subject to change.

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