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Bing Search Engine

Show Search Results Page and Links in Separate Windows or Tabs

SUMMARY: This tweak forces Bing to open all search engine result links in a new window or tab so you don't have to use the web browser's Back button.

While performing web searches with Bing, your time may be spent doing the following:

1. You perform a search.

2. The results page appears. You try one link to a website that looks good.

3. Once you are done visiting a site, you use the web browser's back button to go back to Bing.

4. You look at a second result.

5. Once you are done visiting the website, you return to Bing again.

6. Repeat as needed.

Instead of doing all this, there is a way you can keep the Bing search results on the screen while using a different browser window or tab to view resulting pages (whether a new browser window or tab appears depends on your web browser and its settings). Note that cookies must be enabled in your web browser for the settings to stick.

1. From the main Bing page, click the "Preferences" link at the top-right.

2. The "Preferences" page appears. Scroll down underneath "Web settings" and check the "Open links in a new browser window" box.

Forcing links to websites from Bing results pages to open in a new browser window or tab.

3. Scroll down and click the "Save settings" link.

Screenshots and instructions are subject to change.

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