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Bing Search Engine - Display Stock Quotes

SUMMARY: Use Microsoft's Bing search engine to display stock prices and other financial information.

Need to find information about a particular company, such as its stock price, market cap, and p/e ratio? With Microsoft's Bing search engine you can display company financial information in the results page, as well as more information available via a link to MSN Money. You'll also find links to company reports, financial information, earning estimates, and related news.

To perform a search for just one company, enter the stock quote symbol into Bing's search box. If that doesn't work, add quote or stock to the end of the query.

Displaying stock information using Bing

You can search for multiple stocks simultaneously if desired - type in all symbols separated by a space, then quote or stock at the end.

For example, the following query shows quote information for Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, and eBay:

msft goog yhoo ebay quote

Displaying multiple stock quotes simultaneously via the Bing search engine

Note that this tip is for informational purposes only and is not an advertisement to purchase any stocks.

Bing instructions, functionality, and screenshots are subject to change.


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