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Search the Internet with Microsoft's Bing search engine. Find web pages, definitions, music, encyclopedia entries, and more.

#1: Limit Searching to DOC, PDF, PPT, XLS, Other File Types
Force Bing to return not web pages but word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or other types of files.

#2: Return More Desirable Search Results by Adding Ignore Words
Tired of web pages containing particular words or phrases appearing in a Bing search? Create search queries that ignore them.

#3: View Bing without the Background Image
Search the web with Bing without displaying a background graphic.

#4: Show Search Results Page and Links in Separate Windows or Tabs
This tweak forces Bing to open all search engine result links in a new window or tab so you don't have to use the web browser's Back button.

#5: Reference Page Including Details About Daily Image
Bing's Reference page displays information from Wikipedia and Freebase, and also provides detail about its daily image.

#6: Sing Bing, Maybe Buy Bling
Create a jingle for Microsoft's Bing Search Engine and try to win a gift cheque.

#7: Combine Bing and Twitter Searches Together with BingTweets
Search Bing and Twitter simultaneously with BingTweets, displaying detailed information about a topic plus recent conversations.

#8: Display Cities for a USA / Canada Area Code
Display which cities match a particular area code, or search a city and find its area code or codes.

#9: Disable or Enable Search Suggestions
Toggle having Bing display search suggestions as you enter queries.

#10: Track a Package Via Bing
Find the status of a package shipped with a major carrier via the Bing search engine.

#11: Let's Go Out to the Movies
Search for movie-related information in the USA and Canada via Microsoft's Bing search engine.

#12: Convert Units of Measurement
Convert between units of distance, temperature, time, and weight with the Bing search engine.

#13: Find Videos of a Particular Length
Limit your Bing video search results to short snippets, longer clips, or entire episodes.

#14: Display Weather Forecasts and Maps
Display the current weather, hourly and 10-day forecasts, and weather maps with the Bing search engine.

#15: Search for Small, Medium, Large, or Wallpaper - Sized Images
Limit the relative size of images returned from a Bing search.

#16: Limit Video Search Results to Particular Sources
When searching for videos using the Bing search engine, limit video results to particular websites such as Hulu, MSN, or YouTube.

#17: Display What People are Searching for via xRank
See what people are searching for with the Bing search engine, including celebrities and musicians, via xRank.

#18: Search for RSS Feeds Matching Text
Use Bing to search RSS feeds for a particular query.

#19: Limit Image Results to Color or Black and White Images
Choose whether images returned from the Bing search engine should only be in color or black and white.

#20: Use Bing to Calculate, Perform Trigonometry, or Solve Your Algebra Homework
Perform basic math, trigonometric functions, equation solving, and more with the Bing search engine.

#21: Display Stock Quotes
Use Microsoft's Bing search engine to display stock prices and other financial information.

#22: Download BingTones for Your Cell Phone
Download Bing-branded ringtones for your phone from Microsoft.

#23: Show More Results Per Results Page
Show up to 50 results per Bing results page.

#24: What Day is a Holiday for a Particular Year?
Need to know what day a holiday lands on for a particular year? Use the Bing search engine.

#25: Search the Web with Microsoft's Bing
Search the Web with Microsoft's Bing search engine and find images, videos, news, maps, and more.

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