Buying a Digital Camera Help and Tips

Buying a digital camera to get started in the world of digital photography or to replace your old camera? Read tips on getting the best digital camera for your money.

#1: Hidden Costs with Higher Megapixel Cameras
Higher-megapixel digital cameras may have hidden costs besides just the cost of the camera.

#2: What Does "Body Only" Mean?
When viewing digital camera listings for sale, why are some cameras listed as body only?

#3: Uses for Your Old Digital Camera Including Selling it For Cash
Don't throw away your old digital camera - here are some ways to get some use out of it, or perhaps a little extra green in your pocket.

#4: Benefits of an Optical Viewfinder
Many lower-priced digital cameras lack an optical viewfinder - will this pose a problem?

#5: Be Careful When Buying Used Cameras
A few things to look out for if you try saving money purchasing a used digital camera, especially one online.

#6: Holiday Digital Camera Buying Guide
Tips and advice on purchasing a digital camera as a gift over the holidays.

#7: Zoom Lens with DSLRs May Offer a Surprise
New to DSLR cameras? When purchasing a lens, you may be surprised at the true zoom magnification.

#8: Digital Cameras for Kids
Introduce your kids to the world of digital photography with these digital cameras designed for younger artists.

#9: My Digital Cameras Keep Becoming Obsolete!
Digital camera buying advice for those afraid that a newer, faster digital camera will always be available.

#10: Purchasing Via an Auction? High Feedback Ratings Aren't All Legitimate
If you buy digital cameras at auction, be careful about feedback rating legitimacy.

#11: Look for ISO 50 Support
Look for digital cameras with ISO 50 support for crisper, cleaner images.

#12: Where is the Tripod Socket?
Make sure when purchasing a digital camera that it fits well on a tripod.

#13: Dedicated Trash Can Button
A dedicated trash can button on your digital camera may make it easier to remove undesired photos when bracketing or experimenting with recording settings.

#14: Don't Stick with a dSLR Kit Lens
Why a digital SLR's packaged lens may not offer everything you need.

#15: Be Careful When Buying Package Deals
Digital camera package deals may be too good to be true - or a real bargain!

#16: Two Considerations when Buying a New Camera
Consider these two items before buying a new digital camera.

#17: Be Careful with Very Cheap Prices
Beware of the digital camera 'package deal' sales technique.

#18: How Much Optical Zoom is Needed?
Do you require a digital camera with 6x optical zoom, or is 2x or 3x enough?

#19: More Megapixels Means Greater Cropping Ability
Higher-megapixel digital cameras let you crop more.

#20: Power Consumption - Motorized Zoom vs. Zooming Ring
Motorized zooms may require more battery consumption than a zooming ring.

#21: Effective Pixels and Foveon X3
Sometimes advertised digital camera pixel counts can be deceiving.

#22: Small Doesn't Mean Underpowered
Small digital cameras may be exactly what you need.

#23: Noise in Prosumer Versus Digital SLR Cameras
Debating on what kind of high-end digital camera to buy? ISO sensitivity may factor into your decision.

#24: Don't Expect a Camera to Come with Enough Media
Buying a digital camera? Be prepared to buy some extra media.

#25: Work the Controls Before Buying
Comparing digital cameras to buy? Familiarize yourself with the controls before making a decision.

#26: What to Look for to Take Night Photography
Helpful features some digital cameras provide to take better night photos.

#27: Get a Camera with Magnified Photo Previews
Magnified photo previews can help determine the sharpness of a digital photo.

#28: Ignore Digital Zoom
When buying digital cameras, concentrate on optical zoom, not digital zoom.

#29: Image Stabilization Features?
Image stabilization features make it easier to take crisp, clear photos when you can't use a tripod.

#30: Consider the Total Cost of Ownership
You won't just be purchasing a digital camera - you may need to buy accessories.

#31: Is There a Built-In Microphone?
A digital camera microphone can provide added benefits to your photo taking.

#32: Out in the Field? A Wi-Fi Camera May Be Handy
Wireless Internet may be coming in the next wave of digital cameras. E-mail photos straight from the camera!

#33: More Control May Cost You
To set manual exposure, you might need a more-expensive camera.

#34: Check What the Zoom Really Means
Advertised digital camera zoom levels may not just be optical zoom.

#35: Use Comparative Shopping Search Engines
Looking for the absolute best prices for digital cameras or digital camera accessories? Search many online vendors at once.

#36: Set a Budget Before Buying
Budget yourself when purchasing a digital camera.

#37: Does Flash Come with an SLR?
Consider the total cost of ownership when purchasing a digital SLR.

#38: Don't Get Caught Up in Megapixels
Megapixels are not everything when it comes to buying a digital camera.

#39: Video and Audio Output Connections?
Can you connect the digital camera to a TV, displaying slideshows and movies?

#40: Digital Camera Reviews
Links to websites offering reviews of specific digital cameras

#41: Consider a Weatherproof Camera
Some digital cameras are made to withstand moisture.

#42: Pre-Programmed Scene Modes May Help
Scene modes make it easier to take digital camera photos in tough lighting conditions.

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