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Buying a Digital Camera

Consider the Total Cost of Ownership

SUMMARY: You won't just be purchasing a digital camera - you may need to buy accessories.

When you purchase an automobile, you must consider the total cost of ownership (TCO). How much will it cost to gas up the car, as it may need higher-octane fuel? Does it require expensive tires? Does it require more maintenance with obscure parts?

The same should be considered when purchasing a digital camera. While a digital camera may be a certain price, consider the following accessories you will most likely consider buying to enhance your photography or protect your investment:

* Digital media to store photos

* Media card reader to transfer files to your computer

* Extra rechargeable batteries to prolong photo shoots

* UV Filter to remove UV light and protect your lens

* Protective camera bag

* Accessory lens, and for a digital SLR, you have to buy one lens to begin with

* Tripod to stabilize your photos

* Backup device if you don't have a CD burner

If you purchase the most expensive digital camera you can afford, make sure you don't break the budget when purchasing accessories. You may need to step down a notch in your digital camera's quality in order to pay for needed supplies.

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