Buying a Digital Camera

Uses for Your Old Digital Camera Including Selling it For Cash

SUMMARY: Don't throw away your old digital camera - here are some ways to get some use out of it, or perhaps a little extra green in your pocket.

Have you just purchased a brand new digital camera and don't think you'll need your older, slower, reduced megapixel model anymore? Don't throw it out! Here are some ways to get some use out of it or possibly sell it for cash:

* Sell your old digital camera, if it is complete and in good condition, on an auction site such as eBay. Or, consider Amazon's Electronics Trade-In program.

A screenshot of Amazon's Electronics Trade-In Program page

* Many other companies may offer to purchase your older digital cameras and other electronics. Your mileage may vary; remember that these companies are out to make a profit. The better shape and newer your equipment, the greater the chance these companies will actually pay for it:

* BuyBack World
* NextWorth
* Trade2Save
* uSell

* If your older and newer digital cameras are both dSLRs and take the same types of lenses, consider bringing your older camera along with a lens attached in case an interesting photo opportunity occurs. For example, if you are shooting panoramas with your new digital camera and its ultra-wide-angle lens, if an extremely colorful bird happens to land close-by, you'll be happy to have your older digital camera with a telephoto lens attached. Perhaps the photo quality will be slightly less due to the reduced number of megapixels, but that's still better than no photo at all!

* Feeling in the gift-giving spirit? Give your old digital camera to your parents or friends to introduce them to the world of digital photography. Just be prepared to spend a little time showing them how everything works!

* Donate your digital camera to a charity or a school. You might even be able to save some money as your donation may be tax deductible -contact your accountant and/or charity first for information.

* If there's absolutely no value in your old digital camera, it's still better to recycle in than throw it away. Check with your local waste management company or see if a recycling center is set up in your area. Also, some businesses such as Best Buy have in-store recycling programs.

(The above companies are listed for informational purposes only and are not necessarily recommended by the tip author.)

Got any other ideas or know of other companies or charities that will take your used equipment? Let us know below!

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