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Buying a Digital Camera

Don't Stick with a dSLR Kit Lens

SUMMARY: Why a digital SLR's packaged lens may not offer everything you need.

Purchasing a digital SLR (dSLR) digital camera package with a kit lens? Reconsider; perhaps you should purchase just the body only and add a separate lens to your order. While some 'kit' lenses that come with dSLR packages may perform adequately for limited uses, my guess is that you will want to either zoom-in closer to your subjects or have the ability to shoot wider-angle pictures.

Most kit lenses have a limited zoom range such as 18-55mm which won't allow you to get close to your subject. For just a few hundred bucks more you can purchase a zoom lens that telephotos to 200mm or even more! If you're not always able to get close to your subject, these lenses can provide you with digital photo opportunities you wouldn't have if you only purchased the standard kit lens.

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