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Zip and Unzip Software

CAM UnZip for Windows Includes a Command Line Interface

SUMMARY: CAM UnZip can zip and unzip files for Windows with a GUI or at the DOS prompt.

CAM UnZip is a free (for personal use) zip and unzip application for Windows. When unzipping archives, files can be viewed with the operating system's default application without extracting the full .zip file. If present in the file, a setup application can optionally be run after extraction. The software can create new archives from scratch or files can be added to an existing archive via drag-and-drop. Archives can be encrypted if desired.

CAM UnZip supports a command line interface. Simply run cuz.exe from the DOS prompt, then pass it two parameters - a .zip file and the destination directory - to unzip it. To zip files, pass the -a parameter, the name of the .zip file, and follow it by the names of files to compress or * to compress all files in the current directory. More options (including -q to hide the program's interface) can be found in the included help documentation underneath "Advanced Features".

Opening a .zip file with CAM UnZip

Examples (assuming you have placed the directory to CAM UnZip in your system Path):

cuz c:\downloads\songs.zip c:\music

Extracts c:\downloads\songs.zip into the c:\music directory.

cuz -a c:\music\moresongs.zip *

Creates a new ZIP file c:\music\moresongs.zip consisting of all files in the current directory.

You must include the full path to the ZIP file when using the command line interface.

The software can be downloaded at the following address:

* CAM UnZip: http://www.camunzip.com/

This tip was written regarding CAM UnZip v4.42 running on a Windows XP machine. Features, information, and screenshots for other versions / operating systems may vary.

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