Camera Phone Help and Tips

Defines what is a camera phone and offers tips on taking better photos with your camera phone.

#1: Know Your Cost When Sending Photos
Make sure you know the costs when e-mailing photos or using picture messaging.

#2: Adjust White Balance for More Accurate Photos
Adjusting your camera phone's white balance may help it take better photos in difficult lighting situations.

#3: Make Sure to Use Your Extra Memory if Available
Just because you add memory to your phone doesn't mean it will automatically be used to store photos.

#4: Increase the Resolution if Possible
Higher resolutions can result in more detailed camera phone photos.

#5: Don't Take Photos While Driving!
Safety first! Don't fumble with a camera phone while on the road.

#6: Keep your Camera Phone Steady
Keeping your camera phone steady can result in clearer photos.

#7: Does Your Employer Have a Problem?
Your employer may not wish you to carry camera phones on the premises.

#8: Bracket Your Photos
Take multiple exposures of the same subject with your camera phone to help increase the chances of a good photo.

#9: What is a Camera Phone?
What exactly is a 'camera phone' and what kinds of pictures can they take?

#10: Don't Have Flash? Use Someone Else's!
'Borrow' someone else's flash if your camera phone lacks that feature.

#11: Keep Your Lens Clean
Keep your camera phone's lens clean to prevent spots on your photos.

#12: Keep Batteries Charged So You Don't Miss Calls
Don't let your camera phone's power usage prevent you from using your cell phone for other tasks.

#13: Name Your Pictures
Describe your camera phone's photos to make them easier to find later.

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