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CDs and DVDs

Don't Rely on the Operating System to Burn Media

SUMMARY: Professional CD and DVD burning software may offer you many benefits not available with the base operating system.

Most modern operating systems come built-in with software or integrated functionality to handle CD and DVD burning. Unfortunately, your needs may require features above and beyond those provided, such as:

* The ability to write CDs and DVDs that work with a variety of operating systems (Mac, PC, Unix).

* The ability to write CDs using the disc-at-once writing method. These CDs may be more compatible with players such as your car CD player, photo-printing kiosks at your local supermarket, etc.

* The ability to create music CDs and DVDs without 2-second gaps in the songs.

Therefore, consider using the CD and DVD burning software that comes with your hardware, if provided. Or, you may want to purchase software that supports advanced burning features. The following is a list of companies that sell CD and DVD burning software, provided for informational purposes only:

Acoustica - http://www.acoustica.com/

Nero - http://www.nero.com/

NTI Software - http://www.ntius.com/

Roxio - http://www.roxio.com/

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