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CDs and DVDs
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Usage and care of CD and DVD media plus definitions of key terms.

#1: Forceful Eject a CD or DVD
The paperclip technique for forcefully ejecting a stuck CD or DVD.

#2: What is -R Versus -RW? Or RW?
With CDs and DVDs, what is the difference between -R and -RW media? What about +R? And what is -RAM?

#3: CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Care
Advice on caring for removable media such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays.

#4: Create Coasters from Old CDs and DVDs
Recycle your used CDs and DVDs into drink coasters.

#5: What Does it Mean to Finalize a CD or DVD?
Explains what it means to finalize a disc, as well as multi-session recording.

#6: Be Careful with Slot Loaders and Odd Shaped Media
Inserting odd-shaped media into slot loader CD and DVD players can cause damage.

#7: What is an ISO Image / .ISO File?
Explains what .ISO files are in relation to CDs and DVDs.

#8: Don't Rely on the Operating System to Burn Media
Professional CD and DVD burning software may offer you many benefits not available with the base operating system.

#9: What Are Blu-ray Discs?
A summary of one of the next-generation DVD formats, Blu-ray Discs, and how much information they hold.

#10: Media Speed and Cheaper CDs and DVDs
Ensure your purchased CD and DVD media speed match that of your burner.

#11: What Are HD DVD Discs?
A summary of one of the next-generation DVD formats, HD DVD Discs, and how much information they hold.

#12: What is a DVD Region Code?
Explains DVD Region Codes and how they can impact what DVDs you can legally view.

#13: How Long Do They Last?
You may use CDs and DVDs to backup your information. Just how long will they last?

#14: 7 Ways to Solve CD and DVD Burning Difficulties
Having difficulty burning CDs and DVDs with your operating system or stand-alone burning software? These tips may help.

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