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Cell Phone - Set up Voicemail

SUMMARY: Set up your cell phone's voicemail and let others contact you whenever your cell phone cannot connect to the network.

Most cell phones come built-in with a voicemail feature. Think of it as an answering machine, but you don't have to hook it up or rewind tapes. If you can't take a phone call, instead of the caller just getting endless ringing, they will be able to leave you a message you can pick up at a later time. There are many ways voicemail can be useful:

1. If you travel out of your cell phone network, friends and family can still call and leave you messages.

2. If you get a call from an unknown number, you might consider screening the call. If someone leaves you a message, more than likely they are really trying to get a hold of you and are not just a wrong number or telemarketer.

3. If your cell phone battery loses its power, you can still get messages from people. Some cell phone companies even let you access your voicemail from a landline phone.

Talk to your cell phone provider about setting up and accessing voicemail.


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