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Cell Phone

Ask if You Can Test the Network Without Penalty

SUMMARY: Before switching cell phone networks, ask if a network trial period is available. This may not always be heavily advertised.

No matter how many fancy advertisements you see on the television about how a cell phone's network works everywhere, all the time, that is just not the case. Tunnels, basements, office building interiors, and remote areas (and roaming even occurs in condos!) are just some places that force cell phones to roam or fail to connect to a network at all.

When purchasing a cell phone and signing up for a network (which usually entails a long year or 2-year contract), see if you can test out the network for a few days or a couple of weeks without penalty to ensure the phone will work where you need it. Some cell phone carriers support this feature but don't heavily advertise it.

Network coverage is important. Once you sign a cell phone contract, you are stuck with the carrier for the duration unless you perform early termination. Usually, however, early termination fees can be quite expensive, making it almost too costly to switch.

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