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Cell Phone

Give Your Wireless Phone a Wire

SUMMARY: This humorous gift provides your recipient a corded headset for their wireless phone.

Tired of all this gosh-darn-fancy-new-age gadgetry like wireless phones? Want to return to "the old days" with vintage phones containing a big handset you can grab?

The "Please Hold!" retro cell phone handset attaches to your cell phone and looks like a vintage phone handset from the 50s and 60s, complete with a coiled cord. While this won't completely turn back time, it may turn peoples' heads.

Several retailers offer this phone, including the following (listed for informational purposes ONLY!):

* Baron Bob
* Perpetual Kid
* Stupid.com

Other retro cell phone handsets can be found on the following websites (again, listed for informational purposes ONLY):

* Computer Gear
* Entertainment Earth
* ThinkGeek

And if you don't want wires but still want a handset:

* ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset

- Handset image Copyright ThinkGeek

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