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Cell Phone
Help and Tips

Tips on purchasing and using cell phones. Battery conservation tips, reading the fine-print on contracts, avoiding hidden charges, and more.

#1: Battery Conservation Tips
Four ways to keep your cell phone's battery running as long as possible.

#2: Research Cell Phone Coverage
The following websites may help you research cell phone signal strength in a particular area.

#3: Give Your Wireless Phone a Wire
This humorous gift provides your recipient a corded headset for their wireless phone.

#4: Ask if You Can Test the Network Without Penalty
Before switching cell phone networks, ask if a network trial period is available. This may not always be heavily advertised.

#5: Watch for Transfer Fees when Downloading
Don't get surprised if you get charged extra fees when purchasing cell phone games, screensavers, or ringtones.

#6: Be Careful about Recurring Fees with Downloads
Downloading games, wallpaper, ringtones, or screensavers onto your cell phone? Make sure you only get charged once.

#7: Access Voicemail Without Your Cell Phone
Need to access your voice mail but can't get to your cell phone?

#8: Recycle Your Old Cell Phone
Organizations and resources that can help you recycle cell phones for charity.

#9: Receive Amber Alerts
Help find missing children by receiving Amber Alerts on your mobile device.

#10: Send Messages to Your Phone from Firefox
A Mozilla Firefox extension lets you send text messages to your mobile phone.

#11: Set up Voicemail
Set up your cell phone's voicemail and let others contact you whenever your cell phone cannot connect to the network.

#12: Lost and Need Directions? Get Google Maps for Cell Phones
Display maps and directions on your cell phone.

#13: What is Voice Dialing?
Many cell phones let you dial a number using your voice (hands-free dialing), saving your fingers some typing.

#14: Caller ID May Not Work When Roaming
Your cell phone may not transmit caller ID information when you roam outside your normal network.

#15: Read the Manual!
Your cell phone's manual can provide potentially money-saving advice.

#16: Roaming Can Happen Anytime, Anywhere!
A word of warning about cell phone roaming.

#17: Read the Fine Print for Per-Use Plans
Don't get cheated with cell phone pay-per-use plans.

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