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Quickly Scroll Down a Search Result Webpage for Desired Text

SUMMARY: Ever searched for a website via Google and clicked on a result but you cannot find the queried text? Google Quick Scroll for Google Chrome may help.

When you use Google Chrome and search for a website via Google, you may come across a search result that, when clicked, does not seem to contain the text you looked for. What if there was a way you could get help after clicking on a search result web page to find your desired text?

The Google Quick Scroll extension may help. After clicking on a search result, a dialog box may appear on the bottom-right of Google Chrome offering suggestions on where to find the selected text. Click on a suggestion and Chrome will scroll to the respective part of the page with the search query highlighted. See the below example:

Click on a result in Google...

And see the following help dialog appear in the bottom-right of Google Chrome

* Get the Google Quick Scroll extension for Google Chrome

Extension screenshots, features, and availability are subject to change. Some users have been reporting problems with this extension - your results may vary.

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