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Clipboard Managers - Enhancers
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Software to enhance the clipboard, including functionality to manage the last few items copied to the clipboard and make them available via mouse click or hotkey.

#1: Monitor the Clipboard and Create Permanent Clipboard Entries with ArsClip
ArsClip can monitor your Windows clipboard and lets you paste recently-copied items, plus you can define permanent items accessible via hotkeys.

#2: Add AutoText Features to Other Applications
Jitbit AutoText for Windows lets you create keystroke combinations that, when pressed, type larger blocks of commonly-entered text, saving you time.

#3: Freeware Clipboard Manager with Preview
PasteCopy.NET stores image and text clips for later retrieval, and includes built-in rich-text and HTML clip converters.

#4: Clipboardic Saves Your Clips
Clipboardic stores everything copied to the clipboard as a CLP file and copies old clips back to the clipboard with a single click.

#5: Clipomatic for Windows
Clipomatic is a freeware clipboard monitoring and pasting tool for Windows.

#6: Clipdiary for Windows
Clipdiary stores a database of recently-accessed clipboard items, allowing you to retrieve and re-paste clips.

#7: ClipX for Windows
ClipX is a freeware clipboard history manager for Windows that also remembers images copied to the clipboard, showing thumbnail previews.

#8: Ditto Clipboard Manager
Ditto lets you manage text, images, and other items copied to the Windows Clipboard, and clips can be re-pasted via hotkeys.

#9: Flashpaste for Windows
Flashpaste lets you paste text copied to the clipboard and also supports permanent clips. A macro language supports advanced options.

#10: ClipMate for Windows
ClipMate is a commercial clipboard extender for Windows that includes a variety of tools to manage and edit clips.

#11: ClipMagic
ClipMagic stores text and images copied to the clipboard, and it includes a variety of clip management features.

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