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Computer Basics
Help and Tips

Do you need general computer help? Help with the basics or general computer tasks? How about help with Internet basics?

CDs and DVDs

Usage and care of CD and DVD media plus definitions of key terms.

Computer Memory Definitions

Definitions for terms related to computer memory such as byte, megabyte, RAM, and ROM.

Electronic Mail

Tips on recovering e-mail, choosing e-mail addresses, electronic mail attachments, dealing with e-mail hoaxes and scams. and electronic mail etiquette.

File Extensions

Explains DOS/Windows file extensions, how to view files of various extensions, and why unexpected file extensions can cause security risks.


Defines the term firewall, explains how a firewall can help increase computer security and prevent identity theft, and provides links to download firewall software.

General Computers

Here are some general computer tips that can be used on many computer platforms, not just PCs.


Help with the basics of using the Internet, including definitions, using search engines, newsgroups, and more.


General mouse tips, including using a wireless mouse, changing pointer speed, and mouse and mouse maintenance.

Search Engine

Advice on searching the web. Help with search engine syntax, advanced search engine features, filtering search engine results, and more.

Sites to Browse

Some entertaining websites, some informative ones, some may even be useful, and others we have no idea how to categorize them.

Wireless Internet

Help for wireless Internet (wi-fi). How to connect, where to find Wi-Fi Hotspots, laptop configuration tips (including firewall installation), and more.

See Also:

Google Gmail

Help with Google's Gmail tool. Configuring your Gmail account, marking e-mail as important, auto-forwarding e-mail, and more.

Rhapsody Digital Music Service

Listen to streaming radio stations, hundreds of thousands of on-demand songs, burn music to CDs, and transfer songs to WMA-compliant devices with the Rhapsody digital music service.

Yahoo Mail

Signing up for, using, and customizing a free Yahoo! Mail account. Help on removing SPAM, secure login, e-mail attachments, and more.

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