Computer Memory Definitions Help and Tips

Definitions for terms related to computer memory such as byte, megabyte, RAM, and ROM.

#1: What is a Kilobyte? Megabyte? Gigabyte? Terabyte? Petabyte? Exabyte? Zettabyte? Yottabyte?
This tip defines the following computer memory terms: kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, exabyte, zettabyte, and yottabyte.

#2: What is the Binary Number System?
Briefly explains the binary number system and its importance in computer technology.

#3: What is a Bit?
This tip defines the computer memory term 'bit'.

#4: What is RAM?
This tip provides basic information on computer Random Access Memory (RAM) and how less of it can affect your computer's speed.

#5: What is a Byte?
This tip defines the computer memory term 'byte' and explains how 8 bits can hold one of 256 values.

#6: What is ROM?
This tip provides a very basic definition of Read Only Memory (ROM).

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