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The CounterSpy tool can help remove adware, spyware, and other malware from your computer.

#1: Do Not Allow Scripts to Run
Have CounterSpy automatically prevent potentially-malicious VBS, REG, and other script files from running.

#2: Manually Check for Definition and Program Updates
Force CounterSpy to go online to see if updated definition and program files are available to help battle malware.

#3: Run a PC Checkup
Let CounterSpy scan your computer for possible vulnerability holes.

#4: Restart the Wizard
Restart CounterSpy's step-by-step wizard if you want to adjust configuration settings in a hurry.

#5: Disable Alerts from Popping Up
Prevent CounterSpy from nagging you with malware alerts - have it protect your machine silently.

#6: Follow the Wizard When Starting for the First Time
When running a new copy of CounterSpy, don't just skip the wizard as it can help you perform tasks to protect your system.

#7: Completely Erase Files
Use CounterSpy's Secure File Eraser to make it very difficult for others to retrieve your private information.

#8: Enable / Disable Automatic Definition and Program Updates
Configure CounterSpy's automatic spyware definition and program update notification service depending on your needs.

#9: Securely Erase Files Through Windows Explorer
Add an option in Windows Explorer to securely erase files from your hard drive.

#10: Do not Install with Microsoft AntiSpyware
Installing CounterSpy alongside Microsoft AntiSpyware, unless CounterSpy is above version 1.5, is a bad idea.

#11: Download CounterSpy to Remove Malware
The CounterSpy software can help detect and remove spyware, adware, and other malware.

#12: Clear Your Computer's History
Use CounterSpy to help prevent others from seeing what documents you open, webpages you view, and files that you search for.

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