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Digital Audio Player - Will it Work as a Voice Recorder?

SUMMARY: Voice recorders are handy if you're forgetful. Try to get a digital audio player that has one.

Some digital audio / portable MP3 players double as voice recorders. What is a voice recorder, and why is this useful?

While you are taking your digital audio player out on the go, perhaps in the car, working out, or on a trip, you might think of something you need to remember later - where you parked your car near the airport, an item to purchase at the grocery store, a web address you should later visit, etc.

If your digital audio player acts as a voice recorder, if you get any of these thoughts, instead of writing them down, you can merely press a few buttons, speak into the digital audio player, and your thoughts will be recorded for later playback. For us "forgetful" types, this can be a very useful feature!


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