Digital Aerial Photography Help and Tips

Set your zoom to infinity and take digital photos from an airplane or a tall building

#1: Ensure Your Equipment is Ready
Perform a pre-flight checkup on your digital photography equipment.

#2: An Alternative to Planes for 'Aerial' Shots
Digital 'aerial' photos don't have to be from planes...

#3: Don't Forget Vertical Framing
Vertical framing of digital aerial photos help record greater distances.

#4: Avoid Flash With Windows
Don't let unwanted reflections ruin your digital aerial photography.

#5: Avoid Wing Seats on Airplanes for Taking Photos
Plan on taking some horizon photos on an airplane? Don't get stuck next to the wing.

#6: Flying Low
The pros and cons of flying low to the ground when performing digital aerial photography.

#7: Look for Patterns from the Air
Look for patterns when taking digital photos from the air.

#8: Photography Inspiration
Consider 'Earth From Above' for examples of aerial photography.

#9: The Problems with Air Pollution
Air pollution can cause smog or haze, ruining your digital photos.

#10: Talk to the Pilot Beforehand
Your pilot may be able to offer suggestions for your digital aerial photography.

#11: Plan for Long Lines at Skyscrapers
Don't show up too late to take great sunset or dusk photos from the top of a tall skyscraper.

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