Digital Audio Player Help and Tips

What kind of digital audio player should you purchase? And how can you get the most out of your MP3 player?

#1: Look For Multiple Media Format Playback
MP3 isn't the only format anymore. There's WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and others.

#2: Buy New Headphones
Cheap headphones can make the best of players sound second-rate.

#3: Always Plug In When Transferring Music
Help keep files from getting corrupted when transferring files to/from your digital audio player.

#4: Will it Work as a Voice Recorder?
Voice recorders are handy if you're forgetful. Try to get a digital audio player that has one.

#5: Will the Player Work as a Hard Drive?
Find out if your desired MP3 player doubles as a backup device before purchasing.

#6: Reduce the Backlight for Enhanced Battery Life
Shining your audio player's backlight can waste your batteries.

#7: Always Turn Off When Not In Use
Save your digital audio player batteries.

#8: Take Care on Airplanes
Be careful when playing music on take-offs or landings.

#9: Skipping in Hard Drive-Based Players
Hard drive-based digital audio players may skip. Here's why.

#10: Play Music on your Car Stereo
Play your favorite digital audio player tunes while driving.

#11: Look for Digital Out or Line Out When Purchasing
Gain the capability to hook your MP3 player to your stereo.

#12: Buy Extra Batteries
A spare set of batteries can keep your digital audio player from going silent.

#13: Go Online for Software Updates
Check online for bug fixes and improvements to your player's software.

#14: Consider Battery Life Before Purchasing
Before purchasing a digital audio player, find out how long it can play without a recharge.

#15: Turn CDs into Playable Audio
Software to convert CDs to media playable with your digital audio player.

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