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Digital Camera Accessory

Buy an Extra Lens Cap

SUMMARY: Sometimes it's best to buy backup equipment for your digital camera.

Don't do what I did.

During a Chicago baseball game, in the midst of all the excitement after the home team belted a home run, I lost my digital camera's lens cap. Needless to say, after getting back from the game I frantically called the local photography shops trying to find a camera store with a matching lens cap. Luckily, I found a replacement, but I was in the downtown of a big city at the time with lots of stores. What if I was on the beach? Or traveling in the mountains?

Imagine that a four or five dollar piece of plastic could cause so much trouble, but it's true. Keeping your digital camera lens covered is vitally important to maintaining a long and useful life for your digital camera. A digital camera lens can easily get smudged, dirty, or covered with fingerprints, especially if it is not covered when being stored.

So, since lens caps are usually quite cheap, why not go ahead and buy an extra cap to place in your bag - before it's too late?

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