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Digital Camera Accessory

Consider an Add-On Lens

SUMMARY: Increase your digital camera's optical zoom with an add-on lens.

If your digital camera supports add-on lenses, you may want to consider purchasing these devices. A high zoom telephoto lens can assist in recording detail from subjects a long way away. A nice wide-angle zoom lens does the opposite, and can improve landscape photography by bringing more of the scenery into the picture. A powerful macro zoom lens can assist in taking photographs of flowers, small animals or insects with plenty of detail.

Your camera may require a step-up ring to use certain accessory lenses. Check your manufacturer for more information on recommended lenses.

Note that you may need to adjust camera settings to take advantage of accessory lenses. For example, a long telephoto lens will require a faster shutter speed to reduce camera shake, practically requiring a well-lit area or camera stabilization such as a tripod. Onboard flash may not work well with accessory lenses, causing shadows to appear in photos. Your digital camera may also have difficulty in performing autofocus and auto-exposure functions, requiring you to manually adjust these settings.

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