Digital Camera Accessory Help and Tips

Purchasing and using digital camera memory, card readers, digial camera bags, and more to help you get the most out of your digital photography.

#1: What is The Best UV Filter?
What is the best brand of Ultraviolet Filter to buy for your digital camera?

#2: LensPen Cleaning System
Help keep your camera lenses free from fingerprints and smudges with the LensPen.

#3: Tripod Manufacturers
A listing of digital camera tripod manufacturers so you can compare models.

#4: Why Use the Lens Shade?
Attaching a lens shade to your digital camera is an extra hassle when taking photos - here's why it's worth it.

#5: Bring Along a Voice Recorder
Remember your photo subjects months or years from now.

#6: Lighter Tripods Aren't Always Better
Make sure your tripod can support the weight of your digital camera and then some.

#7: Combo Media/Battery Wallet
Make it easier to find your digital camera memory AND batteries.

#8: Remote Cord or Shutter Release
Prevent 'camera-shake' by using a remote cord or shutter release.

#9: Some Filter Effects are Reproducible in Software, but Not All
Filters are still useful even with the power available in modern photo editing software.

#10: Go Ahead and Buy the Cleaning Kit
If you are spending several hundreds of dollars anyway (ok, some are cheaper now) for digital cameras, why not go ahead and spend a few more dollars for the "extras"?

#11: Consider a Mini Tripod
Mini tripods can work well when you need stability in a hurry and don't want to carry heavy equipment.

#12: Buy a UV Filter
What is a UV filter, and how can it help protect your digital camera lens?

#13: Consider a Rolling Case Versus a Large Camera Bag
It may be easier to transport a rolling camera case rather than a large bulky camera bag.

#14: Clean Your Camera Bag Occasionally
Dust can accumulate in your digital camera bags.

#15: Close That Bag!
Keep your extra batteries and digital camera media from flying out.

#16: Carefully Attach the Lens Shade
Prevent dark spots around your digital camera images.

#17: Make Sure Your Camera Strap is Tight
Help prevent your digital camera from breaking during your photo shoots.

#18: View Your LCD on Bright Days
Prevent your digital camera's LCD screen from being washed out due to excess sunlight.

#19: Remember the Personal Item Rule on Airplanes
Keep your digital camera away from checked baggage.

#20: Bring Along a Notebook or PDA
Record your digital camera photo subjects.

#21: Make Sure the Filter Fits
Avoid a costly mistake and ensure desired filters match the size of your digital camera's lens.

#22: Bring Along a Mini-Flashlight
Illuminate your digital camera controls during the dark of night.

#23: Carry Your Digital Camera and Laptop Together
Lug your digital camera and notebook computer all-at-once with these combination bags / cases.

#24: Buy a Tripod with a Built-In Level
A built-in level gives your tripod even more usefulness.

#25: Consider an Add-On Lens
Increase your digital camera's optical zoom with an add-on lens.

#26: Get a Good Camera Bag
Why a camera bag for your digital camera is a good investment.

#27: Buy a Case with Plenty of Pockets
Make it easier on yourself when searching for unused digital camera memory or batteries.

#28: Buy an Extra Lens Cap
Sometimes it's best to buy backup equipment for your digital camera.

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