Digital Camera Battery

Don't Mix and Match Brands and Types

SUMMARY: To prevent possible damage, only insert similar digital camera batteries.

To prevent possible damage, only insert similar digital camera batteries.

Don't mix different rechargeable AA NiMH batteries together in the same digital camera. For example, don't put in two Rayovacs, one Energizer, and one Duracell. This may damage the batteries or digital camera.

Batteries may have different amounts of power. For example, I have batteries containing the following mAh capacities:

* 1400 mAh
* 1600 mAh
* 1700 mAh
* 1850 mAh

If you put different types of batteries in your digital camera, assuming the camera even works (which it may not), one battery may run out before others do, rendering the camera useless until you recharge all the batteries or insert a new set.

Either make sure you use same brand and type of batteries when inserting batteries into a digital camera, or commit to buying just one type and brand of battery. Even if you do the latter, make sure the mAh powers match.

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