Digital Camera Battery Help and Tips

Purchasing and getting the most out of digital camera batteries, whether your digital camera uses an alkaline battery, rechargable NiMH battery, or propietary battery.

#1: Why Do Some AA Batteries Take Longer to Recharge?
Here are four reasons why it may take longer to recharge certain sets of AA batteries.

#2: Don't Wait Too Long to Switch Out Batteries!
Don't wait until your digital camera batteries are completely empty to switch them.

#3: FAA Flight Rules for Batteries
USA travelers - before bringing electronic equipment such as digital cameras on an airplane, see if FAA restrictions prevent the number or types of batteries you may bring.

#4: Keep Playback to a Minimum
Using the playback mode of your digital camera may wear out your batteries.

#5: Don't Mix and Match Brands and Types
To prevent possible damage, only insert similar digital camera batteries.

#6: Don't Use Alkaline AA - Use Rechargeables
Why you should use rechargeable batteries with your digital camera.

#7: Buy Extra Proprietary Batteries
Ensure you have a backup digital camera battery for long photo shoots.

#8: Bring a Battery Charger on Trips
Even if you have lots of rechargeable AA batteries, you should still bring a charger with you on trips.

#9: Long Exposures Require More Battery Power
If you need to take photos requiring long exposures, expect your batteries to drain quicker.

#10: Keep Extra Batteries Handy!
Got a digital camera? Always keep extra batteries handy!

#11: Batteries in Cold Weather
Bring along extra batteries if you plan on taking photos in the cold winter months.

#12: Those Batteries Won't Stay Charged Forever
Digital camera batteries may lose their charge over time. Don't let under-charged batteries keep you from taking great photos!

#13: Never Get Batteries Wet
Water can corrode batteries, damaging them and possibly your digital camera.

#14: Never Charge Incompatible AA Batteries
To prevent fire, only insert similar batteries into your battery charger.

#15: Take Batteries Out of the Digital Camera
Remove batteries from your digital camera when not in use.

#16: Travel Overseas? May Need a Different Charger or Converters
To charge digital camera batteries outside of your native country may require a small added investment.

#17: Battery Conservation Tips
Make your digital camera batteries last longer. Here's how.

#18: Use an Add-On NiMH Power Pack
Get more use out of your old AA NiMH batteries.

#19: What is mAh?
What does mAh mean when it comes to digital camera batteries?

#20: Recycle Your NiMH Batteries
Don't throw away your old rechargeable AA batteries - they are recyclable.

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