Digital Camera Memory Help and Tips

Help on purchasing the right digital camera memory and reducing the chances of photo corruption.

#1: Should You Buy a USB 3.0 Card Reader?
Advantages and disadvantages of a USB 3.0 memory card reader.

#2: Accidentally Washed a Memory Card?
What to do if a digital camera memory card accidentally made its way through the washer.

#3: Is it OK to Use Cheaper Media?
Should you always purchase brand name media for your digital camera?

#4: SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) Media
What is Secure Digital High Capacity media, and can your camera support it?

#5: Beware of Fake Memory Cards!
Some unscrupulous sellers may sell fake digital camera media cards.

#6: Consider Buying a Media Wallet
Protect your digital camera memory from the elements.

#7: Memory and Cold Weather
Most digital camera memory should work well in cold temperatures.

#8: Consider a PCMCIA Adapter
Lose the wires when transferring photos between your digital camera and laptop.

#9: CompactFlash Versus MicroDrives
The pros and cons of buying a MicroDrive versus CompactFlash for your digital camera.

#10: Does Your Camera Support Write-Accelerated Cards?
Write-Accelerated (WA) cards may speed up photo taking in some circumstances.

#11: Faster Memory May Not Equal Faster Performance
Why faster digital camera media won't always result in quicker photo reads and writes.

#12: Keep Your Memory From Water!
How to protect your digital camera memory from humidity and water damage.

#13: One Memory Card Versus Multiple Cards
Is it safer or more convenient to use one large digital camera memory card or several smaller cards?

#14: Can Airport X-Ray Machines Damage Memory?
Can traveling through airports destroy your digital camera memory?

#15: Buy Lots of Media
Don't run out of digital camera media when taking lots of photos.

#16: Purchase a Card Reader
Why purchasing a media card reader for your digital camera is a good investment.

#17: Transferring Files Between Cameras May Fail
Most digital cameras cannot share media cards without reformatting.

#18: Older Cameras And Higher MB/GB Cards
Older digital cameras may not recognize newer memory cards.

#19: Insert Media Carefully
Media can only get inserted into a digital camera one way.

#20: Eject Memory As Per Operating System Instructions
Don't just yank out memory from a USB / Firewire reader; eject it properly.

#21: Turn Off Your Camera When Switching Media
Switching media while a digital camera is on may cause damage.

#22: Help! I Deleted a File!
Recover previously deleted files on your digital camera memory.

#23: Format Media After File Manipulation
After you copy images from your digital camera to your computer, you should clear the media card - here's why.

#24: Don't Format Media with your PC
Digital cameras may not recognize memory formatted with your PC.

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