Digital Fireworks Photography Help and Tips

Shoot spectacular fireworks photos with your digital camera. Digital photography insights when dealing with low-light situations.

#1: Equipment Preparation Before the Shoot
Make sure your digital camera and accessories are ready to take plenty of great fireworks photos.

#2: Keep the Shutter Held Down
Remove 'camera shake' by not releasing the shutter button too early.

#3: Use Double Exposure For Impressive Photos
Use double exposure tricks to take even more incredible fireworks photos with your digital camera.

#4: Focus to Infinity
Keep everything in focus when taking fireworks photos.

#5: Use a Tripod
A tripod can make your fireworks photos crisper and more pleasing to the eye.

#6: Make Sure Tripods Are Allowed
Before bringing a tripod to shoot digital fireworks photos, make sure it is ok to do so. Or, find someplace away from the crowds to take your photos.

#7: Find a Good Vantage Point
A good location can make all the difference when taking fireworks photos with your digital camera.

#8: Flash Won't Help
Flash will not help your fireworks photography.

#9: Increase ISO Slightly
Increased ISO sensitivity may allow shorter exposure times.

#10: Capture a Landmark
A landmark can fill the void of the night sky in your photo.

#11: Consider Tilting Your Camera
Add variety to your fireworks photos by tilting your digital camera.

#12: Exposure Time
Shutter speed recommendations for digital fireworks photos.

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