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Digital Night Photography

A Tripod is Vital for the Best Photos

SUMMARY: Use a tripod to steady your camera when taking long exposures for night photography.

If you plan on taking digital photos at night, a tripod is practically essential. It is extremely hard to hold a camera still for the length of time needed for a good night exposure, and any shaking can result in blurred photos or completely blacked out subjects.

With a tripod, you can set your digital camera to use a long exposure time, snap a photo, and not worry so much about 'camera-shake'. However, to remove any chance of camera movement, either purchase and use an external shutter release (if your camera supports such an accessory), or keep the shutter button held down during the entire exposure. Even the simplest motion of releasing the camera shutter button during a photo shoot can cause the camera to shake, rendering a beautiful photo almost worthless with blurriness.

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