Digital Night Photography Help and Tips

Take incredible digital photos at dusk and at nighttime. Night photography tips to capture the big cities at their most illuminating time.

#1: Two Ways to Prevent Camera Shake
Your digital photos at nighttime need not be blurry if you use one of these techniques.

#2: Reduce Camera Shake with Special Lens
A special lens may help you take better night photos by reducing 'camera-shake'.

#3: Take Spectacular Nighttime Photos with Your Digital Camera Part I
First of a three-part series on taking digital photos at nighttime; this part is aimed towards beginners.

#4: Take Spectacular Nighttime Photos with Your Digital Camera Part II
Second of a three-part series on taking digital photos at nighttime.

#5: Shoot Many Photos to Help Compensate for Camera Shake
If you cannot stabilize your camera, compensate for 'camera shake' by taking many photos at nighttime.

#6: A Tripod is Vital for the Best Photos
Use a tripod to steady your camera when taking long exposures for night photography.

#7: Long Exposure Time
A long shutter exposure can aid in taking clear, crisp night photos with your digital camera.

#8: Noise Reduction Mode
Use your digital camera's noise-reduction technology to clean up noisy night photographs.

#9: Avoid Optical Zoom If You Cannot Stabilize Your Camera
Using your digital camera's optical zoom may increase 'camera-shake'.

#10: Don't Rely on Flash
Flash may not help your nighttime digital photography.

#11: Increase Your ISO If You Cannot Stabilize Your Camera
Increase your digital camera's ISO setting to allow for less available light and introduce just a slight level of noise into your photos.

#12: Beginners - Use Night Program or Scene Mode
If you are a beginner, let your digital camera's presets help you take great night photos.

#13: Look for Bridges
Bridges can be great photo subjects at nighttime.

#14: A Full Moon may Enhance a Photo
Try to add a full moon to your night photos for dramatic effect.

#15: Consider Taking Photos at Dusk
Shooting photos at dusk may provide your digital camera with just enough light to take great cityscape photos.

#16: Blur is Not Always a Bad Thing
Artistic use of blur can aid your digital camera night photography.

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