Digital Photo Processing Help and Tips

Help on using digital photo software to manipulate photos, and ideas of gifts and items you can create with digital photos.

#1: Freeware to Snoop Through JPG Photos, Determine if They Are Fakes
JPEGsnoop for Windows can display EXIF and other data about JPGs, and can help determine if photos are originals or have been edited.

#2: Clean JPG EXIF Metadata with Shareware ExifCleaner for Windows
ExifCleaner is one option for removing EXIF data in JPG images, such as inside photos taken by digital cameras.

#3: Turn Photos Into Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Pencil Sketches, More
Liven up your photographs via the freeware FotoSketcher - apply effects such as Brushstrokes, Cartoon, and Oil Pastel.

#4: Adjust Sliders, Try All Options in New Photo Editing Software / Plugins
Experiment with your digital photo editing software and plugins. Move sliders to the max and enable advanced options.

#5: Resave Original JPGs as TIFs or PNGs
If you are planning on editing a JPG photo, immediately resave it as a TIF or PNG file first.

#6: Digital Photo Processing: Create Stamps from Photos
Create US stamps from your digital photos, showing your smiling face or other images.

#7: Create Pop Art from your Photos
Order Warhol-style, silhouette, and other types of pop art created from your digital photographs.

#8: Let Someone Else Restore Your Photos
Save time - consider leaving photo retouching and restoration to the experts.

#9: Cool Down Your Photos
Winterize and cool down your digital photos

#10: Straighten the Horizon Line
Straighten the horizon line by rotation and cropping.

#11: Increase Your Computer's Memory
Increased computer memory may make editing digital photos easier and faster.

#12: What is P.I.M. (Print Image Matching)?
Print Image Matching can help ensure your photo print colors match your originals'.

#13: Create ASCII Art
Create amazing pictures that are made up of letters and numbers.

#14: Watch Image Size When Putting Photos Online
Always resize your digital camera photos before putting them online.

#15: Don't Resave As JPG Files
Resaving edited JPG files may decrease overall image quality.

#16: Other Ways To Make Photos More Dramatic
Don't just convert digital photos to grayscale the 'old fashioned way'.

#17: Adjust Redness to Warm Up Photographs
Give photographs new life by warming up their colors.

#18: Less Expensive Photo Editing Software
A selection of photo editing software that won't cost hundreds of dollars.

#19: Photos Copied From CD May be Read-Only
Manipulate and overwrite photos copied to your hard drive from a CD.

#20: Create a DVD
Create DVD slideshows with your digital photos.

#21: Free Image Manipulation Tool
Comfortable with the command prompt? Here is a free digital image manipulation tool that is perfect for batch processing.

#22: View Your Photos on a TV
Display your digital photos on TV for your friends and family to enjoy.

#23: There Are Better Imaging Tools Available!
There are better imaging programs available than those that came with your digital camera - find out how to get them!

#24: Sharpen After Resizing
Use photo 'unsharp' tools to sharpen resized images.

#25: Provide Descriptions for Photos Placed Online
Describe your digital photos if you place them on the web for those who normally have picture viewing turned off.

#26: Don't Throw Away All Blurry Images
Slightly blurry digital photos may be repairable so they can be used on a website or blog.

#27: Take Care When Transferring Images
Watch out for this trap when transferring images from your digital camera to your computer.

#28: Make a Photograph Look Old
Make your photos look like they were taken decades ago.

#29: Try Every Filter Once
Experiment with your digital photo software's filters.

#30: Create a Puzzle From Your Digital Photos
Create entertaining puzzles from your digital photos.

#31: Save a Backup Before Adding Text
Always make backups of your digital photos before modifying them!

#32: Label Double Exposed Photos
Manipulate images? Don't pass them off as original shots!

#33: Email Small Photos Please
Do your friends a favor and only trade small digital photo files.

#34: Never Disconnect a Camera While Transferring Photos
Always safely disconnect your digital camera from your computer as per operating system instructions.

#35: A Multi-Monitor Setup May Enhance Image Editing
Adding a second monitor to your computer may make it much easier to edit digital photos.

#36: Create a Credit Card with your Digital Photo
Develop credit cards that showcase your photography.

#37: Still Using Windows 98?
Consider upgrading your version of Windows for more digital photo features.

#38: Save Your Original Photos!
Make sure to save your original digital camera photos before you modify them.

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