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Digital Photography - Troubleshooting
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Troubleshoot problems that may occur when taking digital photos including dealing with red-eye reduction and camera shaking.

#1: Does Your Camera Have a Reset Button?
Can you easily reset your digital camera settings to the default?

#2: Be Careful Holding Small Digital Cameras
It's very easy for a finger or two to accidentally cover the lens of a small digital camera, ruining a photo.

#3: Black and White LCD
Don't fret if your LCD's image turns to black-and-white; you may not have enough available light for a color image.

#4: Red Eye Reduction Flash and Shutter Lag
Taking photos with red eye-reduced flash can greatly increase shutter lag.

#5: Why Does a Hand Appear on My Viewfinder or LCD Sometimes?
Why do bad lighting condition sometimes cause a hand to appear in your digital camera's viewfinder or LCD?

#6: Reduce Lens Flare in Your Photos
Two simple ways to reduce lens flare in your digital photos.

#7: Don't Always Trust the Frame Counter
Your frame counter only shows an approximation of how many digital photos that can be taken on a particular memory card.

#8: Avoid Red Eye
Be careful when taking digital camera pictures involving flash.

#9: Viewfinder Framing Gotchas
Why you can't 100% rely on your digital camera's viewfinder or LCD screen.

#10: When You Don't Have a Tripod
Keep your digital photographs from turning out blurry.

#11: Don't Always Trust the Power Remaining Indicator
Your power remaining indicator only shows an approximation of how much is left in your digital camera battery or batteries.

#12: Steadying your Digital Camera
Reduce digital camera shake by following these tips to steady your camera.

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