Digital Photography - Weather Issues

Dealing with Cloudy Days

SUMMARY: Don't let cloudy days keep you from taking great photographs with your digital camera! Take advantage of the weather.

Don't let bad weather get you down! If you've planned a trip or photo shoot and the weather is not up to par, don't mope. A good photographer uses every situation to their advantage.

Did you want a bright, sunny day but find yourself underneath a cloudy sky? Use this to your advantage. Take a few photos of the clouds themselves, and try a few black-and-white shots as an experiment. Clouds can also add texture to a landscape or skyline photo. Instead of a dull, blue sky, a cloudy atmosphere can make the tops of such photos more interesting.

Get in front of a tall structure and point your camera upward so your subject and the cloudy sky can be seen in the viewfinder or LCD. The clouds plus the unusual photo angle may provide an interesting resulting photograph.

Is it so dark and cloudy that not enough light is reaching your intended subject? Try decreasing your camera's shutter speed to allow more luminance to reach the lens, but keep your camera steady to decrease the possibility of "camera shake". Use off-angle flash if necessary to brighten the photograph.

Work with your environment; don't fight it. Unless you have an infinite amount of time, the weather won't be "just right" every day you take photos. Instead of trying to force taking the kind of photos you want to take with sunny, bright-lit days, use clouds to your artistic advantage.

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