Digital Photography

Sometimes Less is More

SUMMARY: Digital photos can be too cluttered or 'busy'.

Less is more.

I'm not taking about less photo compression, though in that case too, the less you compress your photos the better they will turn out.

I'm talking about less is more when it comes to photo composition. Sometimes as you plan a photograph you will want to take in the entire scene, no matter how cluttered, or busy, it looks. Take a breath, step back, and consider focusing your attention on one particular subject, such as a particular tree, building, person, or animal.

If a photo has many competing subjects, viewers will have no idea what to focus on, thus they may not focus on anything.

Note that this is not a hard and fast rule. For example, when taking photos of urban areas, you may want to step back and take wide-angle photos consisting of several skyscrapers. This is fine and good, but also consider photos that focus on a particular building's architectural features.

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