Digital Portrait Photography Help and Tips

Photography tips to help you take great digital portrait photos of your friends, family, co-workers, and others. Portrait tips include avoiding blinking, dealing with props, and reflections.

#1: Want Bigger Smiles? Take Photos When Teeth Should be Whitest
If you want people to have the confidence to show their teeth when smiling, take simple steps to ensure peoples' teeth will be their whitest.

#2: Place Office Worker in Front of Their Desk
An unconventional portrait photograph of an office worker may express openness and friendliness.

#3: Avoid Flash to Avoid Red-Eye
Increase available lighting to decrease the need for flash in your digital photos.

#4: Get in Close!
Don't cut out someone's face when taking portrait photos.

#5: Don't Intimidate - Step Back and Zoom In
Step back and use your digital camera's zoom feature to make your subject more at ease.

#6: Avoid Rocking and Rotating Chairs
Keep your digital portrait photography subjects from fidgeting in a moving chair.

#7: Don't Be Afraid to Ask to Rearrange Props
Use your intuition; remove unnecessary items from digital portrait photos.

#8: Keep People from 'Clamming Up'
A simple technique to add more life to your digital portrait photographs.

#9: Consider NOT Filling the Frame
Why you should ignore some peoples' advice and NOT fill the entire frame with your subject.

#10: Take Advantage of Digital Features For Children Photos
Sometimes posed shots do not turn out the best.

#11: Black and White Shoots Add Drama
Black and white portrait photography can add a new level to your digital shoots.

#12: Use Simple Backgrounds
Focus your photo viewer's attention on the subject.

#13: Be Awake, Alert, and Smiling
Smile, and hopefully your subject will smile with you.

#14: Use Night Photography Techniques in Low-Lit Areas
Taking digital photos in low-lit situations? Here are some tips to try, including shutter speed lengthening and increasing ISO.

#15: Bring Along a Mirror
Everyone wants to look his or her best in a photo.

#16: Step Away From a Wall
Don't place your portrait photo subjects directly in front of a wall.

#17: Don't Neglect the Hands
Consider photographing a person's hands to make their photo more expressive of who they are.

#18: Overexpose to Reduce Blemishes
A slight overexposure of your digital portrait photography may reduce visible blemishes.

#19: Get the Parents Involved
Ask parents to help you take digital photos of children who don't want to cooperate.

#20: Set Everything Up Beforehand
If you are taking a formal photograph of a subject, try to set your lighting and environment up beforehand.

#21: Huge Clothes Plus Small Kids Equals Cute Photos
A cute photo idea when taking digital photos of children.

#22: Avoid the Blinking Syndrome
Help prevent the inevitable blinking in group photos.

#23: Removing Eyeglass Reflections
Use a circular polarizing lens to reduce eyeglass reflections.

#24: Use a Fast Shutter Speed for Babies
Use a shutter speed to match with how fast a baby can move.

#25: Use Blur Creatively
Consider blurring your digital photographs to express movement in a busy scene.

#26: Consider Rotating Your Digital Camera 90 Degrees
Show more of your subject in your digital photos.

#27: Flash Can Reflect Off of Clothing
Flash can have undesirable effects with clothing or bright jewelry.

#28: Fast Shutter Speed is Vital
A fast shutter speed is essential to capturing peoples' quick-changing facial expressions.

#29: Don't Neglect your Digital Camera's 'Portrait' Scene Mode
Don't have time to calculate settings for a portrait photo? Let your digital camera do it for you!

#30: Shoot From a Kid's Eye Level
Let your digital photo show the world as it is seen by the eyes of a child.

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