Digital Travel Photography

Be Careful With Others Offering to Take Your Picture

SUMMARY: Don't let someone run away with your digital camera.

When you're out traveling and someone offers to take your picture, you might think, "wow, what a nice offer". Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals may use this 'offer' to try to swindle you out of a digital camera. They might ask you to keep stepping back (because they can't fit you and another subject in the photo) and then take off running away. Don't let someone steal your digital camera equipment and ruin your vacation. Use your best judgment when asked.

If you want a self-portrait on a trip, most digital cameras have a 2 or 10-second timer mode. Turn this on, snap the shutter, turn the camera around, and then take a photo of yourself. Unless you practice this often, the results may not come out perfect, but it's better than taking the chance and getting your equipment stolen.

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