Digital Travel Photography Help and Tips

Snap incredible photos of exotic travel destinations with your digital camera! Help and advice on planning your trip, travel photo suggestions, and more.

#1: Photographing Piers and Using Piers to Photograph Skylines
Info on using piers as digital photo subjects and locations for shooting photos.

#2: Avoid Optical Zoom if Moving
Optical zoom may blur your digital photos taken from a moving vehicle.

#3: Look for Different Angles
Take travel photos at unique angles to avoid the 'postcard photo' syndrome.

#4: Don't Forget Signs When Taking Photos
Take photos of signs to help document your trips.

#5: Where You Stay and How You Travel
Digital photos of your hotel room and mode of transportation can help tell a story.

#6: Take Photos at a Museum?
Considering taking digital photos at a museum? Read this tip first.

#7: Capture the Old and New
Photograph the changes that occurred in downtown architecture over time.

#8: Down a Spiral Staircase
Shoot digital photos from above a spiral staircase for an interesting effect.

#9: Look for Natural Frames in Doors and Windows
Frame your travel photography with open doors and windows.

#10: Be Careful With Others Offering to Take Your Picture
Don't let someone run away with your digital camera.

#11: It May Take Two Trips
You may need two trips to take great digital photos of a particular city or area.

#12: Politeness and Charm Work Wonders
Good manners can greatly assist your travel photography escapades.

#13: Remember Plaques
Take digital photos of plaques that tell the story behind a statue or monument.

#14: Focus on Buildings' Uniqueness
Take digital photos of what makes architecture unique to a particular area.

#15: Mountain Climbing and Photography Tips
Two tips you should heed when mountain climbing and snapping digital photos.

#16: Taking Photos by Car, Boat, or Plane
Photos taken from a moving vehicle don't have to turn out blurry.

#17: Observe 'No Trespassing' Signs
Venturing onto private property may get you into trouble.

#18: Capture Reflections on Water
Find lakes, streams, and oceans that reflect their surroundings for dazzling digital photos.

#19: Museum Photo Taking Tips
More tips on taking great digital photos at a museum.

#20: Point Upwards to Signify Openness
Point your digital camera slightly up when taking landscape photos to signify freedom and openness.

#21: Look For Painted Barns in Farmlands
Traveling to farms? Look for barns that stand out from the ordinary.

#22: Hurricane Warning? Leave Now!
Digital photography can wait if a hurricane warning is issued.

#23: Be Considerate When in a Group
When traveling with others, remember that not everyone wants to wait as you take digital photos.

#24: Be Careful Where You Shoot
Just as times have changed, so must digital photographers in where they can shoot pictures

#25: Zoom In On Architecture
Need some digital camera photo ideas? Try focusing on individual architectural elements of buildings and statues.

#26: Act as a Visitor to your Own Town
Find digital photo opportunities in your own town that you may never have known existed.

#27: Don't Accidentally Breathe on a Camera in Cold Weather
Water vapor in your breath could condense on your digital camera lens.

#28: The Ground May be Worth Photographing
Look everywhere for photo opportunities when traveling, even on the ground.

#29: Be Careful with Ozone and Pollution
Help make sure your health is not at risk when going outside taking digital photos.

#30: Do a Yearlong Photo Log
Photograph your favorite travel location as it changes with the seasons.

#31: Remove Tourists From Your Photos
How to remove tourists from photos of famous landmarks, either digitally or with flash.

#32: Consider 'Photo Bingo' with the Kids
Pass the time on long road trips by playing 'photo bingo'.

#33: Grab Fliers and Brochures
Help remember your travel photo subjects months or years after your visit.

#34: Record the Food
Take photos of food unique to areas you explore during your travels.

#35: Ultraviolet Filter and Beaches or Desert
Two reasons why you should attach an ultraviolet lens filter to your digital camera before traveling to a beach or desert.

#36: Taking Photos at Aquariums
Several tips you can use at aquariums to avoid blurry, out-of focus, underexposed digital photos.

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