Digital Urban and Cityscape Photography Help and Tips

Take digital photos capturing the essence of the 'big city'. Composition, lighting and exposure settings, photo subject ideas, and more.

#1: Look Outside the Main Business / Financial District
Step outside of a city's main district for some of the best skyline digital photos opportunities.

#2: Consider a Walking Tour
New to a city? Consider a walking tour to inspire your photography.

#3: Why You Should Avoid Using Tripods in the City
Problems that can occur if you use a tripod to stabilize your digital camera when shooting photographs in an urban environment.

#4: Purchase Unlimited Use Fare Cards
When traveling to a city, don't get stuck paying for subway and bus fares for each trip - consider purchasing unlimited use cards.

#5: Be Careful on Double-Decker Buses!
Don't damage your digital camera equipment, or yourself, when traveling on double-decker buses!

#6: Scout out Coffee and Tea Shops for Unobtrusive City Scenes
Keep a low profile while taking photos of city scenes.

#7: Shoot Straight Up in a City
A common trick when taking photos representing power and commerce.

#8: Consider a Tour Bus
Get a glimpse of all over town by taking a tour bus. This may provide you with easier photo opportunities than if you had to drive everywhere yourself.

#9: Delivery Time
Capture the excitement of a large city when deliveries are made.

#10: Garage 'Aerial' Photography
Garages can provide you with 'aerial' vantage points for digital photos in a large city, but do not trespass.

#11: You Can Still Shoot Photos on Rainy Days
If you protect your digital camera, you may still be able to take some good digital photos during periods of light rain.

#12: City Lights Can Affect Exposure
Change your digital camera's settings to offset the brightness of city lights.

#13: Capture Reflections on Skyscrapers
Capture reflections of a cityscape on a modern glass building.

#14: Add Green to Your Photos
Add trees, flowers, and other green space to your metropolis photos for variety.

#15: Themed Street Art Projects
Who knew cows or apples would make great photo opportunities?

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