Digital Urban and Cityscape Photography

Look Outside the Main Business / Financial District

SUMMARY: Step outside of a city's main district for some of the best skyline digital photos opportunities.

Instead of taking the usual cityscape photos while inside the main Financial or Business Districts, you may want to scout out areas outside of the main 'hustle and bustle' to take wide-angle skyline photos that showcase more of a city's architecture.

In Chicago, instead of just taking Loop pictures from the Chicago River and other well-photographed vantage points, consider heading out to Navy Pier to take a cityscape photo on the lakefront. Or, another great photo opportunity is north at Lincoln Park; shoot south, towards the skyscrapers, and part of Lake Michigan will be in view.

Chicago lakefront

In New York City, lots of options exist. Consider Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City (Queens) for great skyline pictures. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade over the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE) offers shots of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. Consider a trek to New Jersey for many riverfront photo opportunities. Take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry or to the Statue of Liberty for spectacular Manhattan shots.

Manhattan skyline from Long Island City

In general, look for rooftops and parking decks right outside the main business district (assuming you have permission to shoot). Or, arrange a boat trip when in waterfront towns to take snapshots towards the city. Also, if mountains surround an urban area, these may provide great vantage points (think Seattle).

What are some of your favorite locations? Add your ideas below!

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