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Digital Urban and Cityscape Photography

Be Careful on Double-Decker Buses!

SUMMARY: Don't damage your digital camera equipment, or yourself, when traveling on double-decker buses!

Some tour buses in large towns use double-decker buses for large groups. That way, those who want to take photos can do so without having to shoot through the glass of windows. While this offers a good opportunity for photographers, especially if there is ample light to take fast pictures to offset the speed of the vehicle, be careful with yourself and your equipment!

Some of these buses may pass very close to low-hanging trees or stoplights. Thus, you should never stand up taking photographs while the vehicle is moving, no matter how incredible the subject. If you are not paying attention and stand up at the wrong time, a limb or other object could knock your camera right out of your hand, or worse, something can knock you in the head!

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